Monday, March 28, 2011

Yesterday (Sunday)...

And my final day "off the grid":

Breakfast: One-and-three-fourths "breakfast burrito" (it was really leftover amaretto chicken with rice, but I didn't realize that before I put a little salsa and sour cream on it... but it really wasn't an ipecac), part of a hard-boiled egg.

Snack: I honestly lost track of the handfuls of peanuts, bits of trail mix, and stray M&Ms. Let's just say "several" and be done with it. Oh, and throw in about six cookies.

Lunch: Two maid-rites (or however they're spelled), some corn chips (two servings, maybe), prunes. If I'm forgetting something, I'll get back to you... I was good about taking notes on my phone the first three days, but was mentally out of it for most of this day--okay, almost all of this day.

Snack: Cookies. Peanuts. Maybe even another Nature Valley nut bar thing. Maybe even some granola bars. Seriously, I was out of my head with near-exhaustion at this point.

Dinner: Mixed nuts. Cashews. Dark chocolate. Raisins. Seriously, I didn't trust myself to cook. I'd even gone to the store when I got home, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. I also overdid it on the mixed nuts and cashews.

Okay, that is the last "past tense" update (well, I'm sure I'll do more in the past tense (or actually mixing up tenses and breaking several other English language usage rules and guidelines), but I mean... oh shut up, you know what I mean). Thanks for reading. Or I'm sorry if you read this. Or both. Whatever applies.

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