Thursday, September 30, 2010

In The Beginning...

Hi. Welcome to my boring blog. Feel free to post helpful comments, words of encouragement, or recipes you think might fit the plan I'm using.

Today I have gotten no out-of-the-ordinary exercise in. In the interest of honesty, the ordinary doesn't usually include that much exercise, either.

Breakfast today was a fruit smoothie (half a banana, some strawberries, a cup of plain unsweetened yogurt), two slices of a tomato in two eggs (one yolk)--scrambled, and a glass of skim milk with whey protein mixed in.

Lunch was a salad (cup or so of romaine mix, cup or so of spinach, some red pepper chopped up the night before (I'm guessing about a serving's worth, but maybe less--I hate trying to figure out servings, by the way), about a cup of grilled chicken (maybe more... but will be less tomorrow, as there was too much chicken left over when I ran out of greens during lunch today), and some balsamic vinegar and olive oil), and two cartons of skim milk in the cafeteria.

After school, I had a handful of mixed nuts (sea salt, no peanuts) and an apple. For dinner I had bottom round steak and fifteen spears of asparagus, and a serving of wine. To top it off, I had half a regular-sized bar of dark chocolate.

Some thoughts: I need a couple of small containers to bring the vinegar and the olive oil to work. I used a couple of old yogurt containers, but the lids don't want to stay on, and they're awkward to pour from in the cafeteria.

I have to bring an apple or something to school. With "lunch" happening at 10:10 in the morning, by the time my plan/meeting time rolls around at 1:00, I'm hungry. Seriously, how I managed to not go down to the snack machine in the teacher's lounge is one of life's great unsolved mysteries. I'd like to claim willpower, but I think I was just too busy. However, this hunger did stop me from staying too long after school doing work I should have stayed to do.

Oh, and if you're concerned I'm overdoing it where the asparagus is concerned, let me explain: I love asparagus. Short explanation, I know.

More importantly, it was on sale the other night and was about to go of sale, so I bought two... um... bunches (is that the word?) and didn't think about the whole "asparagus goes bad" thing until I got home. But seriously, this stuff was SUPER el-cheap-o.

I woke up late this morning (and had kids coming to my room to serve detentions), so I didn't weigh myself. It's okay, because I can just make it a Friday morning ritual now. However, don't look for me to share my weight. I've got a system I'm going to use, where 10 is my goal. I'll let you know tomorrow where I start.

That is: if I wake up in time to weigh myself, I'll share it my "starting number".