Monday, March 28, 2011

Last Saturday...

More "off the grid" fun. Here's Saturday:

Breakfast: Eggs Benedict (two servings), cup of sparkling grape juice.

Lunch: 3 handfuls of peanuts, two brownies, one pizzelle.

Snack: 3 handfuls of the pretzel trail mix, a peanut butter granola bar (package of 2), a chocolate chip cookie, and ten jelly beans.

Dinner: Jello salad (about two bites, really), brisket, green beans (with almonds), baked potato with butter and sour cream, cheesecake.

Snack: Several handfuls of peanuts, trail mix, and about four cookies.

This is painful. One more day of "off the grid", and then I can report today's shame. Well, mostly I stayed good, but then I went nuts. But let's get Sunday out of the way first...

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