Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And Two Dozen Cookies...

Another great day... so far.

Breakfast: Two eggs (one yolk), slice of whole-grain wheat bread, fruit smoothie (yogurt and banana), skim milk with whey protein and cinnamon.

Lunch: Salad (cup of spinach, cup of romaine mix, serving of bell peppers (red, orange, yellow, and green mix), serving of grilled chicken, olive oil, balsamic vinegar), apple, carrots.

Dinner: Bottom round, two serving of steamed Brussels sprouts, sharp cheddar cheese, raisins, mixed nuts, dark chocolate.

I'm about to go make two dozen cookies. I'm thinking of making a few more because I owe a kid at school a couple of cookies from way back when, but I'm afraid if I make more, I'll eat more. The two dozen have been spoken for, so no worries there. I don't know. We'll see. Check back later to see if I've added a note about how I made four dozen so I could eat half of them...

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