Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Training, Fixing Wireless, Visiting a New Baby... Yeah, I'm Probably Going to Forget Some Groceries

And I did. How did I make it out of the store without broccoli? I even had some at lunch today! Whatever.

Busy day. Didn't have school (or didn't go), as I had this training thing to go to. Then I ran a few errands which included fixing the wirelesslessness on Dane's computer. And in the middle of running that errand, I find out Leigh has given birth to baby Will (Thomas Wilson). Still, I needed to get Dane's wirelesslessness to become wirelessness first. I got that done, then I stopped by the hospital for a very brief visit (as I needed to buy groceries before making dinner, you see, and the closer to "no later than 7:30" I can be with eating dinner, the better) before heading to the grocery store.

And I forgot to buy broccoli. Whatever.

Breakfast: (Oh, did I mention I forgot to buy yogurt and eggs at the store last night? Well, I did.) Skim milk with whey protein, slice of whole-grain wheat bread with a tablespoon of organic peanut butter.

Lunch: Dijon chicken from Applebee's (red peppers, onion, cheese, on grilled chicken... and some sort of Dijon sauce, obviously) and two servings of veggies, which turned out to be a couple of broccoli stalks. I at all of both stalks, which normally grosses me out, but apparently doesn't any more.. or didn't today.

Snack: Mixed nuts with raisins (so I would have the energy to make dinner, because I was seriously reminded of what hunger feels like this evening).

Dinner: Baked catfish, asparagus, sharp cheddar cheese, red wine, and dark chocolate for dessert.

No school tomorrow, but I want to try to get the Christmas lights on the house (so I can have them on Thursday night), so I'm going to be doing some work--just not school work.

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