Saturday, October 2, 2010

Switching It Up a Bit

Okay, so I did some moving for Say today, which meant lifting and carrying mostly boxes, but still no "officially scheduled" exercise. However, my ipod is now working (actually replaced), so I have tunes for when I do my first walk tomorrow... or Monday. Tuesday at the latest...

Today for breakfast I had the daily smoothie (but with yogurt and milk instead of just yogurt, because I ran out) with strawberries and kiwi in addition to the half of a banana. Also, two eggs (one yolk), but no tomato this morning. And of course the skim milk with whey protein.,

Lunch was late, due to moving (and props to me for not eating at Mickey-Dees when Jordan took us through the drive-thru), but was my regular salad with a bit of a switch. I kept the about-a-cup of both spinach and the romaine mix, and had the serving of red-pepper (or about a serving) with the chicken, as well as the olive oil and balsamic vinegar, but the tomato I didn't have for breakfast I pureed and put in the salad--so it was like a sort of vinegar-tomato dressing. I went ahead and had a serving of mixed nuts and the dark chocolate after that late lunch.

Late supper was another bottom round steak, a couple of servings of steamed broccoli and about three servings of asparagus... okay, closer to four. And if I have an apple before I go to bed (or maybe a serving of grapes), then I'll have made my fruit servings quota for today.

Thoughts: I need to plan for weekends better--and for being out and about instead of at home. Also, I need to schedule my grocery shopping in advance. This may take some thinking. ::sigh::

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