Saturday, October 23, 2010

Let THEM Eat Cake

Hannah's birthday was at my house today, and pat me on the back--I didn't eat any cake! Actually, "the program" allows for that sort of thing, in small doses, but I don't trust myself just yet, so I opted to be good.

Breakfast: Two eggs (one yolk), slice of whole grain bread, fruit smoothie (yogurt, banana, strawberry), skim milk with whey protein.

Lunch (around 4:30 or so, mind you): Mixed nuts, apple, salad (cup of spinach, cup of romaine mix, serving of red peppers, serving of grilled chicken, olive oil, balsamic vinegar), carrots.

Dinner: Bottom round, two servings of steamed broccoli, raisins, dark chocolate.

Now, who's going to remind me to buy bananas tomorrow?

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