Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Late Posting for Day Two

So it's the second day. First, I'm pretty sure I did everything I was supposed to do (actually had more veggie servings than required, but that's allowed).

Exercise: Working on it. An important part is having my iPod fixed. Got an appointment at 5:00 tomorrow to work on that. Also, helping to move my sister's stuff tomorrow, so I'll get some unofficial exercise in there.

Breakfast: Same as yesterday, except I also had kiwi in the smoothie. So, two eggs (one yolk), half a tomato, cup of skim milk with whey protein mixed in, fruit smoothie (cup of yogurt, half a banana, few strawberries, a kiwi) and my daily pills.

Lunch: I was so full from breakfast, I thought about just bringing my apple down to lunch at 10:10... but then I thought, I'm so full, I don't need it. Turns out I needed it. Was very difficult to be in the cafeteria and smell the food and not have something to eat. VERY difficult. Luckily there were all these kids around demanding attention, so I was able to cope.

So lunch really happened at 1:00. I had another salad, cup (or so) of spinach, cup (or so) of romaine lettuce mix, serving (or so) of red pepper pieces, cup (or so) of chicken... maybe half cup (or so)--it was less than yesterday's amount, anyway, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. And I ate my apple.

I had a handful of mixed nuts when I came home, but didn't make dinner before the 'tonka game. I ended up leaving the game early, and made supper when I got home (yes, I know I just called the same meal two different things). Bottom round steak, 15 asparagus spears, glass of wine. And for dessert: the other half of last night's dark chocolate.

The number: 5.609. (Goal = 10)

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