Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eggs Remembered!

So in that moment when I sit here an think, "Quick! What do you remember about today in regards to your attempt at a more healthy lifestyle," the best I can come up with is, "I bought eggs today." Well, it was a big deal. I mean, if I didn't, then tomorrow I'd have to start the day with catfish again. Not that I mind. I actually like it. I need to figure out what other kind of fish I want to cook. I can do the salmon thing, too, so nobody suggest that one. I just haven't bought any since the death of the fridge took my last hunk of salmon to the great smelly beyond.

Actually, the smelly was right here, and was only beyond after trash day.

Breakfast: Catfish (of the yumness), fruit smoothie (banana, strawberry, yogurt--okay, I put them in the blender in the same order as usual, but wanted to mix it up a little in the order I typed them). and skim milk with whey protein.

Snack: Carrots and and apple, and goofing around with some students making up stories and seeing if they believe me.

Lunch: Salad. (Can you list it with me? Let's try! Cup of spinach, cup of romaine mix, serving of red pepper, half a tomato (mushed up), serving of grilled chicken, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.)

Snack (around 4:30 or so): Mixed nuts.

Dinner: Sharp cheddar cheese, bottom round, two servings of asparagus, a serving of raisins, a glass of wine.

Snack: Dark chocolate. Or at least it will be here in a bit. I mean it will be a snack. It's already dark chocolate.

Anyway, I weigh myself tomorrow. Am I a diet geek because I'm secretly looking forward to it? More so because I kept wanting to weigh myself all week, but made myself wait? Seriously, I need to get a life. Preferably one that pays so I can get a new a/c unit next spring!

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