Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quick Weight Loss

I got my hair cut today. Shaved off, as usual. So that had to be like, what, 10 more pounds, right?

Breakfast: Two eggs (one yolk), fruit smoothie (yogurt, banana, strawberry), skim milk with whey protein.

Snack: Finally, a normal day of lunch sitting with kids... Apple, carrots.

Lunch: Salad (cup of spinach, cup of romaine mix, serving of red peppers, half a tomato (mushed up), serving of grilled chicken, olive oil, balsamic vinegar).

Snack: Mixed nuts. Sharp cheddar cheese.

Dinner: Catfish, two servings of asparagus. Glass of wine.

Post-dinner nosh: Raisins. Dark chocolate.

Yes, you've figured it out. I have just about the same thing every day. Here's the deal: I roll like that. Seriously. I don't mind. I'm getting so good at getting this breakfast ready, it didn't mess me up too bad when I woke up late today.

Oh crap, I forgot to buy eggs today. That messed me up. Luckily, I have catfish left over, so that can be my animal protein in the morning.

Anyway, I got a report in the mail today--from my doctor. I was wondering why I hadn't gotten a call about my blood work. Check it out: my Hemoglobin A1C, which was kinda high (and if it wasn't at least on the way back down by this appointment, which was supposed to be in early August, he was going to put me on diabetes meds) is now just over the goal. The goal is less than 7.0, and I'm right at 7.0. Imagine how good it would have been had I been eating right for more than just a week or so before my appointment.

I mean, I'd actually cut back some one what I was eating, but in no way was "eating right". Not that I'm "eating perfect" right now, but I'm way closer now that I was a month ago, seriously.

Anyway, I was all worried I was going to have to be on those drugs, and apparently I'm not. I get a re-check in 4 months.

Oh, and I must have lost weight, because he said, "Continue weight loss. You're doing a great job!" Makes me wish I'd written down what I was eating. Maybe I could start a fad diet where you eat crap, but just less of it.

Anyway, this good report and this whole weight loss thing is making me think I need to get to the exercise bit sooner rather than later. It's on the list.

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