Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nosh, Nosh, B'Gosh

The bad news: Lots of snacking tonight. The good news: it was all within the range of what I'm supposed to be eating--except for the meal, which was the leftovers from Ben & Tricia's. Yeah, do the math. I live on the edge, where leftovers are concerned.

Exercise: Let me get back to you on this. Seriously, alter on in this post.

Breakfast: Catfish (yes, for real), fruit smoothie (yogurt, banana, strawberry), and milk-with-whey-protein. Here's the deal about the catfish: shut up, it's animal protein. I was running late and didn't have time to cook eggs, and plus it's all outside-the-box-y and also if the fish oil pills made me burp fish later, I wouldn't have to mourn the lack of fish in my breakfast.

Snack: Carrots, apple, company with students who think conversations about trading shoes is appropriate lunchtime conversation. I mean, seriously, I don't tell the story of why I can never eat watermelon while at the lunch table (saw Cletus puke watermelon out his nose--seeds and all--one summer when I was very young), so I think they can save their conversations about trading shoes until I'm not eating!

Lunch (at about 1:15 or so): Salad. Cuppa spinach, cuppa romaine mix, cuppa chicken, serving of red peppers, half a tomato, mushed, olive oil, balsamic vinegar. Water to drink.

Nosh-fest: Mixed nuts when I got home. A bit later some sharp cheddar cheese. A couple of hours later, I had the leftovers from Ben & Tricia's (serving of steak, green beans and corn (together probably equalling a serving of veggies), and a half cup or so of mashed potatoes (bad me, I know), with wine to wash it down (and water to wash down the wine). Not long after that, dark chocolate. Just before I started typing this, I finished up a serving of grapes.

Thoughts: Well, I'm missing a couple of elements from this program (well, more than a couple if you get beyond the eating-and-exercising parts of this program, and there's plenty in this program beyond the eating-and-exercising parts). First, I have all this green tea in my cabinet, and I can't bring myself to drink three cups a day. Seriously, the stuff is worse to gulp down than wine. It's like the opposite bad taste of wine. Wine has too much, and tea has not enough. It's of the icky.

The other element is the exercise. A friend of mine has suggested I get a pedometer and set a number of steps for each day--and what I don't make toward my goal (I think it's supposed to be some power of 10--like 10,000 or something), I make up with a walk after school.

I don't like the "after school" element there (I much prefer to wake up and take a walk than walk after working all day), but if I'm not going to be able to wake myself up, I guess it's a viable alternative. Now, where do I get a pedometer? I think I got a free one once, but I have no idea where it is. They kinda creep me out. How do they work? Witchcraft?

Okay, so those are going to be my focus areas... unless I have some other focus areas from yesterday's post. I should re-read that one. I really have the feeling I had some focus areas in that post that have left my mind. Anyway, right now it's the green tea and the exercising. And whatever else from yesterday.

Yes, those.

P.S.: I have been doing this for over a week!

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  1. No witchcraft, my friend...just pendulum motion and ratchets...of course, if a person's of a mood to cheat, you can just shake the damned thing 8,548 times instead of'll still hit 10,000.