Friday, February 4, 2011

Back in the Land of the Lost... or the Losing

Hooray, I lost a bunch of weight this week. Let's hope this trend continues! Of course, Valentine's Day is coming up, and I'm sure to be sent lots and lots of chocolates...

Breakfast: Two eggs (one yolk), slice of whole-grain wheat bread, fruit smoothie (yogurt and banana), skim milk with whey protein and cinnamon.

Lunch: Salad (cup of spinach, cup of romaine mix, serving of red peppers, serving of grilled chicken, olive oil, balsamic vinegar), carrots, apple.

Dinner: Mixed nuts, prunes, sharp cheddar cheese, bottom round, two servings of asparagus, dark chocolate.

The magic number for this, my 18th week, is 6.803!

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