Monday, May 9, 2011

I Give Up... Part One

Yeah, don't worry, I'm not giving up the diet. It's just after a conversation I had on Friday and massive failure to maintain the healthier eating over Saturday (which I'm about to report on) and Sunday, I've decided I'm giving up trying to have willpower at home. I'm going to have it at the grocery store instead. I dont' know where it went, but I miss it. Whatever.


Breakfast: Skim milk with whey protein and cinnamon, fruit smoothie (yogurt and banana).

Lunch: Um...

Dinner: Um...

What I had instead of a normal lunch and dinner: Seriously, so many servings of mixed nuts, I lost track. Also, I had some sharp cheddar cheese and a slice of whole-grain wheat bread. Oh, and I tried a Snickers Peanut Butter Square or whatever it's called. It was good, but I find I prefer dark chocolate now.

So that was Saturday. Sunday was a little better. But only a little.

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