Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Home Sick

Wasn't a good start to the day, as it involved me realizing there was no way I was going to make it through the day at school and thus had to go to the school to get things ready for my not being there. Breakfast ended up being late, and lunch later, so dinner was really lunch, and there were only two meals.

However, I had stuff I shouldn't, so I guess I made up for missing a meal by eating junk.

Breakfast: Skim milk with whey protein, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Fruit smoothie (banana and yogurt).

Snack (?): I had a Pringles wheat stick thing, honey butter flavor. Cody wanted me to try it. Crazy good. I must never have these in my home.

Lunch: Salad (cup of spinach, cup of Romaine, serving of bell peppers (red, orange, yellow, and green mix), serving of grilled chicken, olive oil, balsamic vinegar), carrots, apple, slice of whole-grain wheat bread, sharp cheddar cheese, a couple of Snickers Peanut Butter square things (long story, not happy about it, but moving on).

Snack: Slice of whole-grain wheat bread, sharp cheddar cheese, potato chips (maybe two servings).

That's it for today. Back on track tomorrow, I swear!

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